The body is our temple

My role is to guide you to honor your temple through the science of Yoga, Bodywork, and Skin care.

Deeper than looking outward is seeing within.

How do I bring Yoga, Bodywork, and Skin care together?

Simply by addressing that in each, it is about well being, caring, nurturing, and most importantly about healing.

We heal the body to heal the mind. We start with the shell of our soul so we can access spirit.vienna airport transfers


Customers Showing Love

“I have known Carole for 18 years after meeting at the Peninsula Hotel Spa in Beverly Hills. From that moment on, Carole has proven herself to be one of the most talented, nurturing and dynamic souls I have ever met. Her adventurous spirit and appetite for knowledge has led her down the health beauty and fitness path, and she has delved deeply in to each modality with passion and commitment. I have watched her embrace the education and practical aspects of these separate modalities necessary to be a long term success. I was fortunate enough to be the recipient of one of her deluxe facials a few years back while traveling through Colorado and wow, what a treat! Because I requested her to do so, she calmly described each of the products she was using, the benefits and how my skin was unique. The facial was thorough and relaxing and effective. I have also taken several yoga classes with Carole and each time it has been a terrific class. Likewise, we have attended classes together and some of them at 5:30 AM! Carole has never shied away from challenges or hard work. She’s also A bright shining light where ever she goes! The health and beauty profession is lucky to have her :)”

“I have enjoyed Carole’s yoga teaching for almost a year and really gravitated to her instruction more than other instructors. She does an amazing job of pushing you past your limits through support and encouragement. She is exactly what I needed to refresh my outlook on my practices and her continued caring is a breath of fresh air. I really valued every class I took with Carole and will do my best to seek her out for more services.”

“I am greatful having met Carole. She is not only a great person but her knowledge and expertise both in massage and Yoga is exceptional. She was instrumental in drastically improving my overall wellbeing.”

“Carole is a very intuitive and caring teacher. She corrects your postures and encourages you to try positions you haven’t tried before. She is funny, kind, real and passionate about her practice and yours. I love her!”

“I’ve had the honor and pleasure of experiencing several of Carole’s expertise. Her massage techniques are some of the best I’ve ever experienced and I’ve had them all over the world…including Tibet. She was able to combine her strength and gentleness to release some very stubborn knots. Her knowledge of fascia release saved me from chronic pain. I have also had the Sculptice procedure and I found that it really helped with detoxing my body. I was also blessed with being able to practice yoga with her. Her manner of teaching allowed me to be relaxed and totally comfortable which allowed me to be fully present. To sum it up, if you have the opportunity to experience this woman’s kind, healing and embracing spirit…do it…”

“I have been blessed to know Carole since 2004. Her gentle demeanor is what guided me to my first massage. She has the perfect balance of strength and gentility. She is also professional and precise. I have recommended her to all of my students looking for a healing massage. Her divine energy is intoxicating in her yoga classes. Being her friend, I know first hand that she continues to educate herself and is dedicated to her work. I wish she still lived here now so I could get some of her healing touch!”

“Carole was my Massage Therapist for about eight sessions,the most wonderful Lady,I never wanted it to end. Thank you Carole!”

“I am fortunate enough to experience the beauty of Carole! Her beauty and uniqueness radiates from all aspects of her life. She shows through her actions a life of kindness, joy and compassion. She has positively touched my life and for that I am grateful!”

“I feel grateful to have crossed paths with Carole. Carole truly cares about her students and her community. She is gifted in many areas and what makes her truly special is her attitude, professionalism and sincere love. Her drive to better our community has been an inspiration for me. Thank you Carole for your friendship and the many things you do for my world.”

“Carole is one of the most passionate spirits I’ve ever crossed paths with. I’ve had the fortune of receiving her awesome massage therapies and facials, being a student in her classes as well as a colleague in sharing our yoga teachings, and of being able to call her a friend. She’s unbelievably talented in all of her chosen crafts and has an amazing drive for initiative and deeper learning. You are truly an inspiration on so many levels and I’m eternally grateful for YOU!!!”

“I have been very fortunate to have had Carole as a yoga teacher and massage therapist. Wow, what a treat. She truly is an angel. Her energy, spirit, voice, and touch are healing and inspirational. She is missed in South Florida but what an asset to Southern California. I miss you Carole. Love and light always, Debra”

“By chance I was in a hot yoga class that Carole was leading. I am a fairly advanced yogi so instruction was not what I was seeking, instead just some time to practice and “let the day go”. Half way during the session, I was mesmerized by the voice, the demeanor and the fluidity of her direction. She was magical. With a bit of conversation afterwards, I learned that she did massages. The following Saturday, I received the most loving, efficient, knowledgeable, strong massage ever! I couldn’t wait for more!! Instead, what I learned was she was moving back home to CA. What is my loss will be anyone’s gain….if you simply let yourself melt. Her yoga is beautiful. Her massages are complete. Her sense of humanity and being are priceless. It was my honor to make her acquaintance….and I know it will be yours too!”

“Throughout my 10 year journey as a hot yoga practitioner and a year and a half of teaching The Barkan Method in Fort Lauderdale and Boca Raton, FL I can honestly echo all of the comments above! Carole’s classes are inspiring and motivating! Her flows will take you on a beautiful journey!!! She is a warm and loving Yogi that I am honored to know and call a friend!! Namaste!!!”

“Carole’s yoga classes will take your practice to the next level. Her understanding of anatomy and alignment will help get you into poses you never thought possible! Her classes are all about her students and helping them realize their potential. She has unspoken understanding with her students, and her touch assists are catered to what each student needs. Carole is a kind, loving, and beautiful person. I highly recommend her classes!”

“I was blessed to have come to know Carole while she lived and worked in Florida. We taught at the same yoga shala, and I made a point to attend her class whenever I could. She has a strength and softness about her practice and her teaching that at once inspire and calm, and she weaves just enough philosophy and storytelling into the vinyasa flow to keep the mind and body in sync – yoked, in fact. It warms my heart to know the blessing she brings to her present and future students in California! As to her touch, my one regret is that I waited so long to schedule time with her for myofacial work, because she is just amazing – and if she were still around the corner I’d be hounding her for an appointment every week!! The day I had after that one bodywork session with her could only be described as bliss, and I know it was entirely due to the clarity that came from releasing so much stress onto her table. Next time I’m in LA, there is but one thing on my agenda… Miss you, dear Carole!”

“Carole was an instructor at my studio, The Bombay Room, in south Florida. She is a wonderful yoga instructor. Extremely knowledgeable about anatomy and alignment. She is warm and caring and was loved by our students. She is also an extremely conscientious, organized, tidy employee, and a dream to have on staff. Her classes are fun and challenging and full of laughter and warmth.

Carole would be an asset to any yoga studio and comes with the highest of recommendations. We would gladly welcome her back at any time and miss her in our studio here. I would highly recommend Carole for any position in which she seeks out. She is highly qualified with a lot of expertise. Two big thumbs up!!”

“I think it’s safe to say that Carole has a big impact wherever she goes. Her love and energy always radiates around her and you can feel her presence as soon as soon as she walks in the room. There isn’t much I wouldn’t trust her with. She’s a great teacher and friend and a kind soul. I think no matter what you’re going to her for, whether it’s yoga, skincare or a massage she will make you feel at ease and like there is nothing else going on in the world. I think it’s truly a gift to be able to make people feel at ease and comfortable when they’re in your presence and that’s exactly what she does for everyone she meets. If you and Carole cross paths then I suggest you jump on and see what the world is giving to you…because she truly is a gift.”

“Oh Carole, where to begin? I was blessed and honored to meet Carole through some mutual friends! She was looking for work as a massage therapist at a EcoFriendly hotel called The Standard, in which I had been employed before my accident. So I introduced them and they instantly felt her healing energy and charismatic personality; an asset to any business. Me being a paralympian athlete, massage therapist, personal trainer, fitness instructor couldn’t have asked for more; we began to trade and got to know each other personally. We’ve been friends for some 3 years, I miss her dearly, but know that her calling and sense of purpose is beyond here in MIA. It’s for the world to experience and should your paths cross, I hope you remain open to her knowledge, her devotion, and her compassion; which radiate from within and her touch will significantly set you free & apart from the rest who yet to try a divine healer…”

“I have had the complete pleasure of taking Carole’s yoga classes while she taught in Fort Lauderdale. She is an amazing instructor and still my favorite to date. I miss you dearly and your classes! Please come back! She taught me so much about the proper form of yoga movements and helped my body to find perfect synergy. thank you!”

“I met Carole at the Barkan Method and took several of her classes. I was and consider myself still quite new to yoga. She was very considerate and thoughtful while teaching and in her own practice. Carole appears to be an extremely compassionate individual and cares for all living things. I was disappointed when she suddenly moved but know that the West Coast will be gaining an amazing individual who exudes positive energey everywhere she goes.”

“Don’t be fooled by her small size! Everything Carole does is done with BIG love! From skin care to massage to yoga… Carole is a one-stop shop to holistic care for the body, mind and spirit. Carole taught me so much about my skin type – I honestly never knew how to properly care for my skin until receiving my first facial from her! I have eliminated most breakouts and reduced the appearance of fine lines by following Carole’s very impactful advice and using the products she recommends. Carole also gives the BEST massages – probably one of the best massages I have ever received came from her powerfully healing hands! Her background in massage and anatomy also makes her extremely powerful in the yoga room. Her love and knowledge of the practice manifests in such a peaceful and nurturing energy about her and is able to command the room with graciously playful authority.

Needless to say, we miss this beautiful little lady so much in South Florida but know that she has so much to give and now is her time to spread the wealth across this beautiful country! If you have the opportunity to receive Carole’s energy in any way – yoga, massage, facials – DO IT! You won’t be disappointed! Love you Little C!! oxoxo”

“I got back into my yoga practice by attending Carole’s class on Thursday nights at Annutara Shala in Deerfield Beach. After the first class with her I was completely won over. She really connects with each person she meets in her class. She brings such a genuine kind spirit to the practice and real compassion — but she is a very strong warrior girl and will whip your butt !- her practice comes with challenge (physically and spiritually) so if you want to just hang out – not going to happen! Carole was without a doubt one of the best yoga experiences I have ever had. I miss her in the South Florida community!”

“Carole is the complete package! I’m not really into the whole “come into the light…feel the energy” thing. Not that I don’t believe in it or think it’s beautiful, but I have a sharp tongue who likes feeling the burn and practices yoga for more physically reasons than spiritual ones. If I get both, fab! Having said that, Carole strips me down…in a good way. At the risk of sounding cliche, her energy is undeniable. She is compassionate, passionate and genuine and I always feel honored to talk to her, be in her presence and of course, practice with her as a yogi and/or a student. Miss Carole in Sunny South Florida, but this bird is meant to use its wings. One of a kind, kind of gal…true story!”

“Carole is to a truly gifted Yoga teacher. Taking a class with her is a incredible gift you will never forget. She has a great flow and really connects with her students. If you are lucky enough to be within driving distance of one of her classes go to the next one you will not regret it. Justin”

“Carole is to a truly gifted Yoga teacher. Taking a class with her is a incredible gift you will never forget. She has a great flow and really connects with her students. If you are lucky enough to be within driving distance of one of her classes go to the next one you will not regret it. Justin”

“I had the pleasure of taking Carole’s hot yoga class one day when I decided to take an earlier class on my work from home day. Every week after that I took her class and made the most progress with her than with any other teacher. She was gentle but persuasive to get you out of your own way and face your fears and push yourself. She touched me on a personal level as week with her kindness and caring of all living beings. She is very much missed by me.”

“I have known Carole for over 12 years when she first decided to become a massage therapist and boy oh boy am I ever glad she did. This girl has mad talents! I am so happy she has moved back to Los Angeles with her magic touch. Seriously, Carole has to be one of the best massage therapists I have had the honor of working with. I, myself, am a massage therapist of more than 13 years and when I say this woman is good, I mean she is extraordinary. Thank you Carole for your healing hands, amazing intuitive energy and most importantly, your friendship. May success, love, and good health be yours to have eternally.”

“I am fairly new to yoga, but I met Carole probably about a year before I got into one of her classes. Carole was my first class in years. Honestly, it was tough, but I was so amazed by her beautiful combination of grace, power, patience and love. She’s wonderfully talented, there’s no disputing that. What I love most about Carole is how she just loves her students so unconditionally. She meets everyone where they are at, creates a safe space for them to stretch themselves and honors them at every step.
Thank you Carole…for BEING the change.”

“I was one fortunate Yoga student who had the pleasure of practicing with Carole in The Bombay Yoga Studio in Fort Lauderdale until she recently moved out of Florida. My experience with Carole was one of learning continously how to improve my Yoga Practice, and also one of peace, love and bliss. Once I met Carole in the studio, I would do all I could to attend her classes! It became a joke in the Studio where everyone knew I would take Friday’s off from work, at least once a month, so I could attend her class! I am very grateful to Carole for all she taught me, not only in Yoga, but also in how to deal with everyday’s life challenges. Carole: Namasté! “

“I am honored to know Carole personally and professionally. Her work is impeccable and her patience is limitless. I feel like I am under the wing of an angel when I am in her yoga classes and her touch is gentle but full of powerful intention. I give two thumbs up in every area and strongly encourage everyone to allow Carole’s healing spirit to do it’s work on you!
Blessings, Ticia Lea”

“I love to try new studios and yoga teachers, resulting in my having been to over 30 studio locations in the Denver area where I live and even more from work travel throughout the country. This equates to MANY yoga teachers, yet few teachers rise to the top as true guiders of growth and grace. Carole is unsurpassed. I was motivated NOT to miss her classes. Each class I grew in my strength and movement with Carole’s cueing methods and proficiency with all levels and bodies. You will not go wrong with any service from Carole with her peaceful and powerful presence combined with advanced expertise.”

“I was fortunate to practice yoga wIth Carole while she was still in Los Angeles – one of the best yin teachers I have ever had. She is gifted in getting you to connect with yourself, and those around you, though it is a personal practice. I highly recommend that if you have to opportunity to practice with her, you take it.”

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