Skilled & Private Mobile Yoga Instructor in Boulder, CO

Have you wanted to do yoga in the comfort of your home? Have you wanted to bring yoga to your office to relieve employee stress? Moon of Moon’s mobile yoga instructor in Boulder, CO can bring yoga to anywhere you’d want to do yoga!

Benefits of Mobile Yoga Classes

When you picture a yoga class, you see a studio, a multitude of people, and a yoga instructor. However, as relaxing as yoga sounds, many people get anxiety about doing yoga for the first time for those reasons. They don’t want to look funny or inexperienced in front of the advanced students. And that’s completely understandable!

Here are the benefits of calling our mobile yoga instructor in Boulder, CO:

  • You get FULL & UNDIVIDED attention from our instructor
  • You don’t have to worry about adapting to a NEW environment
  • You can INVITE whoever YOU WANT to your session.

What Are The Best Places For A Session?

Environment is everything when it comes to yoga and feeling relaxed during your session. Many people love having their private session with our mobile yoga instructor in Boulder, CO in their home. It’s where they feel most comfortable and most relaxed, of course! What most clients like to do is have a private session in their home to feel more experienced to move onto the yoga studio.

If you’re a business owner and want to boost employee productivity and morale, reduce employee stress, and improve their overall wellbeing, having a yoga session is a great way to do that! In fact, our mobile yoga instructor has had many sessions in businesses and corporations. Think of it as a “om” at the office!

Book Your Mobile Yoga Session Today!

If you’re an experienced student or are beginning your yoga journey, our mobile yoga instructor in Boulder, CO can meet you wherever you’d like! Many of our clients prefer mobile yoga sessions just because of the privacy and the one-on-one session. It’s a different experience than having a whole yoga studio with multiple students. Experience the difference!

Private Yoga Session Pricing

  • One-On-One
  • $100
  • 60 Minutes
  • Private Session
  • *Travel Charges Apply
  • Semi Private
  • $120
  • 60 Minutes
  • 2 Students Max
  • *Travel Charges Apply
  • Groups
  • Contact
  • 60 Minutes
  • 5 Students Max
  • *Travel Charges Apply