Personal Private Yoga Instructor in Louisville, CO

Welcome to Moon of Moons! We’re located in Boulder, CO and service the surrounding cities with personalized massage, skin care, and yoga services. Are you too busy to hit the local yoga studio? Are you a new parent and can’t leave your home? No worries! As the #1 private yoga Instructor in Louisville, CO, we offer in-house or office classes.

Reasons Consider A Private Yoga Trainer

You’d be surprised at the benefits of having your own personal private yoga Instructor in Louisville, CO.  Not only does it sound super awesome, but it’s actually extremely convenient.

  • Perfect if you’re new to yoga. If you’re new to Yoga, attending a class of 30 + students might be a little overwhelming and discouraging. Hiring a private yoga Instructor in Louisville, CO can help you perfect the basic poses, stretches, and of course refine the lingo.
  • Perfect for any busy schedule. Not all yoga studios are open early or too late, where will you fit yoga in your busy schedule? No worries, hire us! We can meet you at your preferred location at the best time. That way you don’t have to skip a lesson.
  • Perfect for those who can’t communte. Not everyone has a car or lives across the street from a yoga studio. However, that’s never stopped anyone from practicing yoga. When you contact us, we come to you!

What To Expect When You Hire A Personal Yoga Instructor

When you hire a private yoga Instructor in Louisville, CO you can expect only the best. The trainer or instructor arrives on time and prepared. We do encourage each individual to be prepared and ready to go as soon as we arrive, so we don’t waste time.

While at your home, office, or park we will start by warming up. Once we’re all warmed up, our guided and personalized class will begin. The job of the private instructor is to guide you through a comfortable, yet challenging experience. If we find that you are struggling at a certain move, we will take the time to guide you so you can maximize the results.

Practicing yoga the right way, as well as really understanding and perfecting every pose is crucial to mazimize results and performance.

Private Yoga Session Pricing

  • One-On-One
  • $100
  • 60 Minutes
  • Private Session
  • *Travel Charges Apply
  • Semi Private
  • $120
  • 60 Minutes
  • 2 Students Max
  • *Travel Charges Apply
  • Groups
  • Contact
  • 60 Minutes
  • 5 Students Max
  • *Travel Charges Apply