One-On-One Private Yoga Instructor in Superior, CO

Are you super busy with work, kiddos, school, etc. and cannot find time to make it to your yoga class? Are you a beginner in yoga and need one-on-one help getting started? If either of those are true, then we really recommend a  private yoga Instructor in Superior, CO. Moon of Moons has been dedicated to being a student and a teacher for many years. Whether you need us at your own time or if you just need your own instructor to maximize the benefits, we can help!

Advantages of selecting a private yoga instructor

The first and main benefit of having a Private Yoga Instructor in Superior, CO over a attending a class is that you have an outstandig one-on-one experince focused on YOU. However, there are plenty of other benefits to hire a personal instructor:

  • One-On-One Yoga Class: Whether your new or just need some guidance, we can help! If you’re new to yoga, many classes, actually most instructors do not have the time to make sure you’re doing it 100% right.
  • We Come To You: Our lives are getting busier and busier, allowing for less time to do the things we love. Fortunately, if yoga is a thing you love, you can keep doing it! Moon of Moons can come to your office, home, or roof top to keep your yoga going!

A Little History On Yoga Classes

Yoga is a great practice; as you know, it’s trendy all over the world. Yoga goes back to 3000 B.C. Yoga was created to create a balanced connection between one’s soul, mind, and heart.

Fast forward a few thousands of years later, here you are, reading a bit about it! Our entire team is living-proof of the neverending health benefits of yoga. However, you must be practicing yoga the right way. If at any moment you feel rushed, unbalanced, or if it doesn’t feel right – it’s not yoga, it’s the teacher. Yoga is supposed to make you feel the opposite; relaxed and in control. Many people struggle with the basic poses if not instructed correctly. However, you can consider a private yoga instructor in Boulder, CO to help you enjoy it a lot more.

3 “Basic” Misconceptions about Yoga

Many people are hesitant to try a private yoga instructor in Superior, CO or just about anywehre due to the myths and misconceptions they have heard. Some are:

  • Yoga is the only exercise you need: Yoga is a great way to improve your mental health and physical health. A routine of balanced fitness requires cardio and strength training.
  • Yoga demands you to say “om”: Yes, Yoga does have spiritual roots of religion, but that doesn’t mean that you must have a relationship with those spirit gods.
  • You need to be flixible: You don’t have to be flexible at all, Yoga will help you achieve your goals no matter where your skill levels are. By consistent practice, it will not only help with your flexibility but strength and balance.

Private Yoga Session Pricing

  • One-On-One
  • $100
  • 60 Minutes
  • Private Session
  • *Travel Charges Apply
  • Semi Private
  • $120
  • 60 Minutes
  • 2 Students Max
  • *Travel Charges Apply
  • Groups
  • Contact
  • 60 Minutes
  • 5 Students Max
  • *Travel Charges Apply