Carole Ly Sing Lao

My journey into the body’s magnificent anatomy and physiology began early through academic studies in Biology, Chemistry and Medical School (University studies in Paris, France) which later influenced a career path in healing body and mind.


In 2001, I started a Massage therapy program at IPSB (Institute of Psycho-Structural Balancing) in California. It was then that my life started shifting, my awareness began to heighten, and my desire to change sprouted. From then until now, I have continued my growth through various forms of education; All of which has strengthened the affirmation:

“The body is the most powerful machine….trust it, believe in it, nurture it.”

When I work to relieve stress, soften the fascia, clear the lymph path, flow your energy and fluids, I also will present a new outlook for you to grow into a life with less injury.

I began my Yoga practice around the same time when I was seeking peace in the turmoil of Los Angeles’s lifestyle. Raised in Tahiti, I traveled the world and lived in big cities such as Paris, France, Los Angeles, California and Fort Lauderdale, Florida. I now reside in Boulder, Colorado. From the constant moving around and change in my geographic setting, comes the inner search for stability. No matter where I am in life Yoga, self-care and connecting with nature are the most powerful healing tools I rely on.  Pieces falling into place gradually, unforeseen at first, yet expectedly connecting the dots as I go.

Strong with the support of my very first Yoga teacher James P. Morrison, a dear friend who inspired me to follow the teacher’s path, I was soon absorbed by the desire to learn and try various styles of Yoga to enrich my practice and life.


I am a Yoga Alliance E-RYT 200, with training in various styles of Hatha Yoga which are the foundations of my teaching.

  • Iyengar and the principles of alignment and breath (Center for Yoga LA/Yogaworks)
  • Ganga White and Tracey Rich Flow yoga for a graceful body in movement with breath (White Lotus Foundation)
  • Jimmy Barkan’s “Barkan Method of Hot Yoga Level 1 & Hot Vinyasa Level 2-3” for the powerful healing that comes from a rigorous and disciplined practice (Yoga College of India)
  • Philip Christodoulou’s Anuttara Vinyasa Krama (level 1) & Philosophy through the “Yoga Sutras of Patanjali” (level 2) (Anuttara Yoga Shala) trainings.

Massage & Skin Care credentials

  • NCBTMB Certified
  • California licensed
  • Colorado licensed
  • ABMP / ASCP Insured

Skin Care & Massage

My passion for skin care added to my vision of the body as a whole. I love to teach and guide my clients and students that it is not about how we look but how we feel. Yet, I understand that self-worth can only be supported by a healthy body. The skin is an amazing organ mistreated and troubled skin can make anyone self-conscious.

I like to approach the body as a unit: face, body, and the whole world inside/out, to bring a sense of well being. I will give you the tools to be in charge, it is up to you to do the work. I’ll say it like it is and will support you to find your path.

With over 15 years of experience providing exceptional skin care and massage services to stars in 5-Star and 5-Diamond hotels such as The Hotel Bel Air, The Beverly Hills Hotel, Ritz-Carlton, The Penninsula Beverly Hissl Spa, & many more establishments – you can expect a unique and unforgettable experience.

About My Yoga Class

My yoga class is designed to create meditation in movement, allowing for the flow to move the emotions as well as strengthen the mind and body connection. The succession of postures will guide us to the internal yoga practice of concentration, meditation, and liberation. Through dynamic sequencing, we open the body channels to attain a rested and quiet mind.

I wish all to develop a keen sense for freedom within the power of self-discovery, understanding, and evolution.

I am a karma yogi.